I am a mother, wife, daughter and sister, authorised marriage celebrant and certified life coach.  I have worked for multinational companies and small-town businesses. It lights me up to hear individuals excited about what they do and see them achieve in their chosen field. 

Having worked in Human Resources for over 17 years I have seen many individuals unhappy in their role, not sure of own strengths, or living an accidental life.  I have spent most of my career in Learning and Development and recruitment and have led large change-management projects.  I worked during the technology boom and Y2K for a global telco, as an executive in the finance industry, and in the mining industry.  I know people have the same fears and hopes no matter where they work.

During my HR career I have seen many people work below their potential.  I’ve seen people stay in jobs they don’t enjoy, held back by fear from taking a chance to do something they love.  Sometimes people just feel like something is missing, but they don’t know what.  I am skilled in helping individuals to recognise their strengths and gain the confidence to take action.

I targeted and gained certification in three unique programs.  All three programs complement each other, they allow me to draw on tools, techniques and my skills to help clients achieve the change they are after.

  • As a Certified Consistency Coach I can apply a unique set of tools and strategies based on the science of the brain and the psychological drivers behind successful long-term behaviour change.  
  • Coach Now Certification allows me to use the Rapid Change Techniques to assist clients identify then move through their limiting beliefs, review habits and behaviour patterns while taking massive action towards their goal.
  • I am trained and accredited in Coaching Young People for Success. This is an industry-leading program selected for its evidence-based results and individualised approach.

Work with me to gain clarity and insight.  To connect – or reconnect – with who you are.  To build confidence, discover your values, define your purpose, set and smash goals to become the best version of you.  By breaking through your limiting beliefs, identifying your own strengths and knowing where you are going, your confidence will be electric.

Contact me to ignite your potential by creating and focusing on your goals to live your life on purpose.