Working with me in one-on-one coaching sessions or attending a workshop will help you understand and rediscover your purpose – igniting your potential.

One-on-One Coaching Sessions

Many of us are living an accidental life.  We start out with dreams and aspirations but then life gets in the way.  We feel stuck doing the same things for the same results, too busy juggling the kids, the spouse, the career, the house…  There must be something more, something different, but we are unsure what that is or where to start looking for it. 

Work with me over 11 fortnightly sessions to gain clarity about your values and aspirations, then smash though your limiting beliefs and live your life on purpose.

Career Coaching Workshop – Youth Workshop

This 3-hour small group workshop goes beyond the traditional best-fit career approach. It helps young people design an inspiring Life and Career Pathway which matches their vision and values with their strengths and interests.

This course is suited to children in years 10, 11 and 12.

Throughout the workshop you will make personally relevant goals. You will develop the will-power to take action and achieve your results. 

I will lead you on a journey of self-discovery to imagine the possibilities in your life and career and you will build the confidence to connect with who you are and the work you would love.

The next My Life & Career Plan workshops are:
Thursday, 13 January 2022 and
Saturday, 5 March 2022

Click on the links above or call me to reserve a place.

Steps for My Life Success – Youth Workshop

For youth in year 7 to 9, this life coaching module includes powerful coaching strategies to enable young people to identify the emotional skills they need to achieve greater health and well-being in all areas of their life.

Participants will use the Life Review Wheel to assess their current physical and emotional health, their school performance, family, friends, finances, living environment and career development.  During this process they will uncover and connect with the life they truly want to live.

Identifying areas of high priority, participants will write meaningful goals, review the emotional intelligence skills they need to be successful and design and commit to a coaching action plan with SMART steps which they can implement straight away.

Next workshop is planned for the June-July 2021 school holidays. Call me to reserve a place.

Resume building and Interview techniques

The person who lands the job may or may not be the best candidate, but they are definitely the one who was able to sell their story, skills, experience and their desire to work for that company.  Some roles have hundreds of applicants for one vacant role – learn how to stand out from the crowd.

By attending this workshop, you will learn how to put together a winning resume.  You will learn how to present your skills and experience to your advantage.  During the second half of the workshop you will learn and practice interview question techniques – having the ability to tell your experience in an interview will make you stand out from the crowd.

Next workshop planned for the June-July 2021 school holidays. Call me to reserve a place.