Rise and Shine!

Elevate your Corporate Game with Mindset Coaching

and rediscover the joy of going to work again!

Remember those days when you flew out of bed and LOVED going to work?

You tackled challenges head-on, overcame obstacles using your experience and expertise…and basically made things happen.

You exuded self-assurance, inspired others…

And had an unwavering belief in yourself and your ability to lead with purpose and passion.

But then what happened?

For some reason, you took a breather from the corporate hustle, allowing that chapter of your life to fade into the background.

Maybe you got to a stage where you thought there was more to life than endless meetings and fluorescent lights…

You swapped your power suits for paint-stained overalls and fully embraced your creative side. The feeling of freedom, fulfilment and a slower pace was the perfect escape from the corporate grind.

You did not miss the deadlines of corporate life AT ALL…

But now you do

You miss it badly.

Yeah sure the deadlines, the long meetings and the crap lighting were real… But so was the camaraderie, the thrill of overcoming challenges and the triumphs of corporate existence.

Is it possible that you were more at home in that world than you ever realised?

Or maybe you left the corporate world to start a family?

You surrendered to the busyness of family life – and willingly! A nonstop adventure of juggling countless tasks and wearing multiple hats.  Every day is a whirlwind of errands and activities.

But now, as the kids grow older and become more self-sufficient, there’s a growing awareness of self…beyond the roles of mother and wife.

Your mind drifts back to days when you commanded boardrooms and closed deals…

And now you desperately want a chance to reconnect with the person buried beneath the layers of motherhood and domestic duties. At night, when the kids are asleep, you find yourself scrolling through job listings, hovering over the “Apply Now” button.

But the nagging doubts keep whispering… what if I’m too old?

Or what if..

  • My family suffers because of my ambitions
  • I go back and don’t feel the same drive I once had
  • The technology and industry standards changed while I was away
  • I’m not good enough and don’t belong in the corporate setting anymore

But here’s the thing…

Many who once thrived in the corporate world find themselves unexpectedly pining for the structure, hustle, and sense of purpose that came with it…

The strategic thinking, problem-solving, and ability to inspire.

That confidence and skill set are ingrained in your very being.

And guess what?

Those skills are still there, patiently waiting for you to tap back in!

And what if I told you that the challenges you’re facing about returning to the workforce or even switching careers have little to do with your skills or ambition…

And everything to do with your MINDSET!


What’s that all about anyway? And while we’re at it, what about “limiting beliefs?” Another cliche phrase that everyone throws around without really knowing the essence of its meaning.

Well here are my thoughts on that…

If you believe certain things about yourself to be true that are keeping your playing small and not taking action, you can’t get to where you really want to go. 

But the reason you want to go to the places “beyond your reach” is because the real you—deep, deep down —knows you are capable.

Your gut knows you can achieve the thing that you aspire to be. But your mind is set at a point where you can’t move forward until your belief about yourself changes.

The good news is…

They’re only beliefs, not truths!

And a belief is nothing more than a chronic pattern of thinking.  But changing them can feel like turning a massive ship around in a narrow river — pretty daunting, right?

And where do you even start?

Well, it begins with questioning those beliefs and examining where they came from and whether they still serve you.

But it’s hard to do something like that alone.

While your friends and partner mean well, they’re often too close to see the big picture.

But let’s not be hard on them. It’s not their job to unravel what makes up your beliefs, why you like indoors or outdoors, or working alone vs. a team environment.

Or the fact that you came from a big family, where family game nights were BIG, which is why you’re now both competitive and collaborative.

Sometimes, you just need an outsider’s perspective, someone who can step back and see the bigger picture.

And that’s what I can do for you.

Hi, I’m Nadine,

I know firsthand what it’s like to step out of the corporate world to raise children and then wonder who I am on the other side. I’ve changed career paths many times on purpose for specific reasons, been made redundant and learned how to climb the corporate ladder.

I’m in a job now that I love, and I’m driven to help people like you experience the same level of career fulfilment.

Whether you’re climbing the career ladder, returning to work after parenting, or simply seeking alignment in your professional path…

My job is to give you the confidence to pursue the job of your dreams.

Because when you’re working at a job that aligns with your values and gives you a sense of purpose and fulfilment… It’s a pretty good day, don’t you think?

My word of integrity: You’re here because you need to find your unique gift to contribute to the world. Whether you want to switch careers, climb the corporate ladder, or reenter the workforce, you need someone to help you find the gold within you. I know I can do that.
Impact and reputation are important to me.  When you sign up for any of my coaching sessions, I promise to provide you with every level of support and knowledge to help you successfully discover who you are and get clear on where you want to go.

So… do you want to get ready to be READY?

The gap between where you are now…and landing that dream job lies in an underlying mindset and a few practical tools.

Having experienced both sides of the table (a job seeker and the hiring manager), I know what both sides feel like. This unique perspective allows me to effectively coach you on structuring conversations to highlight your skills and experiences with potential employers. I’ll offer you insights, ask the hard questions and gently challenge your thinking! 

That dream job is not far away, I’m telling you!

My coaching approach mainly addresses mindset challenges and self-awareness and will provide you with practical tools for career success.

Imagine seeing yourself through the eyes of someone who truly believes in you. Someone who sees your true potential. That’s the perspective we’re aiming for.

It’s about reframing those doubts and insecurities into opportunities for growth and learning.

And while you might see your time away from the corporate world as a setback, you’re actually armed with a whole new set of talents that can serve you quite well!

It’s all about recognising those incredible strengths you’ve developed along the way and knowing how you can transfer them to any job.

So until now, you’ve probably been:

  •  Applying for every job just because it’s a job
  •  Flicking your resume out to any and every job
  • Talking to your friends and family about changing jobs and being met with the same blank faces (because you know you’ve been talking about this FOREVER!)
  • Missing out on jobs you really wanted but didn’t quite nail the interview process
  • Or not doing any of this because fear is holding you back

And while I can’t wave a magic wand to make the perfect job vacancy appear, I can tell you that my coaching will give you clarity, self-awareness, and the kind of motivation you haven’t felt in a while.

Here’s how it works…

Over the program, you’ll be working with me to:

  • Gain clarity on your career direction and set inspiring career goals. Identify and unpack all your major achievements and recognise the skills that were required to achieve them
  • Recognise and understand your skills and experience
  • Know all your transferrable skills, especially if you are transitioning between industries or stepping back into the workforce after a career break
  • Clarify  your values, your emotional intelligence and salary expectations
  • Review and refine your resume, as well as understand how to write a targeted resume for each role
  • Learn how to develop targeted cover letters that communicate your suitability for each role Review or write your LinkedIn Profile to enhance your professional presence
  • Gain job interview confidence with a strategy to know  what the hiring manager will most likely ask  at the interview
  • Learn an interview question-answering framework to help you articulate what you bring to a role and organization

It takes time to identify limiting beliefs and overcome them

We all have thoughts continually running through our heads. The more we tell ourselves the same thing the more we believe it and the more true for us it becomes. 

Working with a coach helps you identify automatic negative self-talk and question it, which in turn allows you to ‘see’ your thoughts.  

Coaching sessions are conducted fortnightly to help you catch your thoughts and learn to reframe them. 

They also give you time to prepare your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile.

At the end of our time together, you’ll leave knowing…

  • How to align your skills to job applications
  • How to articulate your skills in an interview
  • How to give a targeted answer to an interview question
  • What your transferable skills are, and how to how to highlight them
  • And to catch any negative self talk and see how it is not serving you any longer.

All with an emphasis on practical learning and real-life application. Together we will battle those inner demons and kick your fears to the curb.

So if you are ready to absolutely nail what you’re good at…

Investing in yourself will be the best decision you’ll ever make!

Delivered over 8 sessions
Cost $1,650