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Career coaching

If you are feeling stuck, need a new perspective, need to learn how to better frame your experience and develop a path forward a career coach can be invaluable.

Coaching can help.

Mindset coaching

Achieve your dreams.

I can help you to develop actions that will help you grow into the person you want to be.

For students

Guidance for high school students and university students exploring their career options.

Identify your skills, strengths and aspirations by working through personality questions and career options.

Learn how to write an effective and engaging resume and attend interviews with confidence.

Have you lost sense of who you are?

Are you wanting to re-join the workforce after a career break?

Do you feel your current career lacks meaning?

Are you full of self-doubt about your next move?

Do you lack the confidence to apply for a job?

Do you want to change jobs but are afraid of moving out of your comfort zone?

Do you need to update your resume or LinkedIn profile but don’t know where to start?

Are you a high school student with no clue of what you want to do as a career?

Do you see colleagues and friends being promoted into jobs you know you could do but you don’t get the role because you don’t perform well in interviews?

Career and mindset coaching can help.
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Answering your questions. And maybe asking some as well.

Thought loops

It’s not what they did, that hurts you. It’s what you think about what they did, that hurts you. It’s what you focus on and relive in your own mind. Yes ‘they’ did something. The Read more…

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