I have reinvented myself on many occasions – on purpose.

My first job gave me skills I still use today, but that job is so not right for me now.

Along the journey of life I have changed focus from working in a finance department of a large law firm to up skilling and becoming the firm’s Office Manager.  This role allowed me to bounce into a HR role for a hotel.  Further study in HR took me to Sydney to work for a prominent consulting company working in short term HR contracts.  Some just a week, others a month or two long.  I never knew which industry I was going to work in next. I had a can do attitude, car that allowed me to travel further afield than the CBD and the knowing that people are people no matter what the industry we work in.  This allowed me to work in manufacturing, printing & publishing, food importing & distribution, telecommunications, and a mass recruitment project for a bank as two major Australian banks merged.

Landing a fulltime HR role with an international telecommunication, I was elevated to working globally looking after the HR function for the Australia & New Zealand offices.  Chasing a career, I eventually looked after Asia Pacific and into the world of training & development, people management across cultures, event management, massive change management projects, managing expats, all aspects of salaries and recruitment across countries.

I LOVED that job!  It took me around the world working with different cultures, travelling and truly making a difference to people’s lives.

With my now husband returning to Australia from his Italian expat placement, it was time to step back from the global world and start focusing locally.  Which had me move back to my hometown and land a 12-month contract in the coal industry and then a permanent HR role in finance.

At this point I also started my first business as a marriage celebrant, stepping out of fulltime HR work when I became pregnant with our first child.  After she was born I made the conscious decision not to return to an executive HR role.  I enjoyed being a stay at home mum and part time marriage celebrant.  When our youngest child went to school it was again time to reinvent myself.

I went back to study and landed a foundation team member role for a new school – my job was to purchase and set up the library with books and resources for the new primary school; accessing resources ready for student borrowing.  My HR skills were adapted to work with primary school students, encouraging them to borrow and read books they were interested in.  So much fun!  Moving closer to home I moved into a school office role.  Once again, I have consciously reinvented myself launching my second business as a Career and Mindset Coach.

I have loved every job I’ve had, an while I didn’t like some of the values that some of the companies I worked for I focused on the joy of my job and how I could make a difference.

Even though the job titles are different I’ve used skills and strengths at each job I have had in the next one.

Nobody stays the same.  Life circumstances change.  We chase the promotion, the career change and maybe, along the way, face a redundancy. Landing each of my roles has been my ability to make connections for the recruiter in the skills and value I could bring to the role.  Each role I applied for I was clear on my WHY I wanted the job and WHY it was right for me at that time.  Why I wanted that type of role, why I was chasing the career, why I wanted to work part time, even why I had a career break.

If you need help to reinvent yourself into a new role with changing circumstances, or maybe need help to understand your why; book a discover coaching call with me.  The call will outline your plan; booking coaching sessions from there will help you take action towards your ‘right now’ perfect role.

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