The role of a Mindset and Career coach is to motivate you and also help you by providing honest and unbiased feedback. 

As a mindset coach I will push you out of your comfort zone.  Because change doesn’t happen within your comfort zone!  I will call you out on your inaction.  By hiring me you are not looking for a nice chat about your career, or a sounding board to tell me how you can’t do public speaking, or how your dreams are impossible to achieve.  I will show you your own thinking and we will have a strategy to take actionable steps to create the life you are craving.

I will shine a light on your actions and will point out your blind spots. As you leave your comfort zone you will feel yourself grow into the person or career you want.

Coaching is about helping people to get from where you are now to where you want to be using these four key steps:

  • Helping you to become clear about what you truly want
  • Reviewing where you are now and what you have tried so far
  • Coming up with and discussing options for action
  • Agreeing on a plan to make it happen

As a mindset coach I work with you to unlock your beliefs, behaviours, habits and patterns of thinking to so you can have the career or live the life you desire.

Working with me in one-on-one coaching sessions or attending a workshop will help you understand and rediscover your purpose – igniting your potential.

Work with me over a 6 month timeframe to change your behaviours, change your habits and change your mindset to see what is possible.

The discovery conversation is completely free and there’s no obligation to commit to coaching. Coaching sessions work best when there is a good fit between the coach and you and when you are ready to do the work to create change in your life. So no pressure to commit – ’cause I hate that too!

All programs can be run one-on-one or, if you prefer to work and learn with a friend, sessions can be tailored to work in small groups.